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Darkness touches the very soul.
Poetry by Steve Foster
Dedicated to the Men who fought in Vietnam
Ghost of a Man
Heaven's Whisper
Our Dreams
May never Be
Screams in the Dark
You can't Judge a Person by power, or wealth,
For power may corrupt, and wealth fade away.
For a true measure of a person you must look
into their eyes, Hear their words and judge
The Echos of their Souls.

Tyrant Foe
Two Sides of America
U.S. Flag
When the Demons Come Back
This page is dedicated to my wife Shannon for wihout her help and Inspiration this page would not be possible.
Some of these poems have been modified to fit on the website.
If you would like an original copy please email her at:

Or Me at:

with any questions, comments, or thoughts.
More poems to be added as time and talent allow.